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About Compass

About Us

The Compass Project is predominantly a mapping and data dissemination project that aims to:

  • Equip Southern Africans with the necessary tools to access healthcare services easily;
  • Help organisations and decision-makers better understand the needs of the communities that they serve; and
  • Provide innovative, unique, needs-driven strategic mapping solutions where necessary.

Information regarding HIV-prevalence, distribution and service delivery information for municipal areas is scarce. The Compass Project has been initiated based on the philosophy that an effective response to the HIV epidemic requires a coordinated mobilisation of all resources in a specific community.

In order to better address the HIV and AIDS response within municipal areas, it is integral to have a coordinated approach that includes accurate mapping of all service providers, annual epidemiological quantification of the service delivery need, and accurate service provision information. This information can assist organisations, service providers, government and private sector to better address the HIV and AIDS issues within their specific community.


The Compass Project was launched to ascertain the following in order to effectively address HIV needs in South Africa:

  • Mapping of healthcare provision across SADC region and directory production
  • Development of innovative technological solutions to mapping across SADC
  • The epidemiological situation of HIV and AIDS in municipalities and communities at this time
  • The service needs of the HIV and AIDS community
Key Activities
  • Mapping (both physical and desktop based)
  • Demographic research and report compilation
  • Medical directory production
  • Knowledge sharing