Tshwane Mayoral AIDS Council

About TMAC

The Tshwane Mayoral AIDS Council (TMAC) was launched in August 2009 to mobilise resources from all sectors to address the challenges of HIV in the City.

Purpose of TMAC

The council provides strategic vision to the HIV/AIDS response in the City of Tshwane and develop solutions that can be implemented within the council itself or through other partners. The council invites all sectors of society to participate in an effective response to the AIDS epidemic.


The TMAC held its first formal quarterly meeting on 4 August 2009. Projects initiated in TMAC meeting on 3 November 2009 included:

  • Hide and Seek, Find and Treat early diagnosis and access to care for HIV-infected children in the City of Tshwane
  • HIV in the workplace: Initiation of collaboration between mobile VCT testing in the city and the unions
  • Traditional Healers: Training of traditional healers in HAST and the development of a referral system

The Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) fulfils the role of the secretariat. The FPD was established in October 1997 and commenced its first course in 1998. Read more about the FPD.