Supplier Database Registration


FPD invites all interested suppliers to register on its supplier database. Currently, FPD is interested in suppliers of the following services/products:

  • Printers;
  • Cleaning Products and Services;
  • Insurance;
  • Construction;
  • Branding (signs);
  • Stationery;
  • Electronically Equipment (hardware, software, computer accessories);
  • Corporate ware/attire/uniforms; 
  • Water (purified);           
  • Office Furniture;           
  • Storage Facilities (including document warehousing); and
  • Couriers.

Interested Suppliers are expected to submit the following documents/information along with their applications:

  • Original and valid Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Valid and certified B-BBEE Certificate
  • Company/Organisational Profile
  • Accreditation Certificates/Professional Registration certificates (e.g. ISO Certificate)
  • A COMPREHENSIVE PRICE LIST valid for 12 months

The closing date and time for submissions: 30 March 2016 at 11h00

Applications are to be completed in full and returned with all relevant documentation. Interested suppliers submitting applications that are incomplete will be deemed to be non-compliant.

Applications may be submitted to:
Att: Rina Karsten                                  
Struland Office Park 
173 Mary Road                                     
The Willows                                         

Applicants should bear in mind that should they wish to post their applications, additional delays may ensue.

Should applicants require additional information, they may contact Mrs Rina Karsten at or telephonically at 012 816 9000/9183.

Click here to access the full application form.