Programme Evaluation Unit

About Programme Evaluation Unit

Programme Evaluation Unit

FPD’s Programme Evaluation Unit was established in 2013 aimed at improving FPD’s capacity to undertake donor-funded and commercial programme evaluations. The Unit uses a network of internal and external evaluators, combining appropriate skills and experience in each evaluation team. These skills include quantitative and qualitative methods and analysis.

The Programme Evaluation Unit delivers a full range of programme/project evaluation services. The Unit has conducted evaluations for public and private organisations across Southern Africa. Using original approaches, the Unit aims to provide tailor-made evaluations for organisations of all sizes and in different sectors.

During 2015, the Programme Evaluation Unit evaluated projects for a variety of organisations. Such evaluations have assist these organisations to use training more effectively, improve strategic planning, test new ways of improving healthcare access for marginalised groups or disadvantaged communities, proof impact and influence future programming.

Some examples of the wide variety of evaluations carried out.