Education & Training

Student Support Services

Resource Centre:

FPD maintains a Resource Centre at its registered Head Office. Apart from literature associated with its programmes and courses, Internet access is also provided at the centre. Students receive the support they require from faculty and may request additional assistance from FPD if needed.

Online Support:

FPD has established an Internet-based Student Support Site (SSS) to support all its enrolled students to achieve formal registered qualifications. This SSS is a server programme that allows invited users to collaborate on the website by editing and downloading content from the site from their own computer and in their own time. Visitors can view the web pages and interact with fellow students and facilitators. The SSS allows facilitators and assessors to mentor students online and allows students to form student support groups. FPD’s website offers students assistance through the provision of assessments and assignment guidelines.

Clinical Call Centre Support:

FPD also offers, in collaboration with the University of Cape Town’s Medicine Information Centre, a toll free call centre that is geared towards handling any clinical treatment enquiries. This Call Centre is actively promoted to the FPD alumni. The number is: 0800 212 506.

Clinical Mentor Support:

FPD has developed a system of Roving Teams of Mentors to provide comprehensive support for all the health clinics and hospitals in its allocated districts. The team consists of a doctor, nurse, social worker, information officer and data expert. Their task is to assist the health professionals and staff to improve the outcomes of key district health indicators such as the TB cure rate, maternal and infant mortality and mother-to-child-transmission rate.

Continuing Education and Professional Support:

FPD compliments its own alumni services with strategic alliances with two professional associations. FPD’s sponsorship of membership fees for alumni, as these associations ensure access to a wide variety of mentorship and continuing educational products such as journals and newsletters. Currently, FPD has arrangements to provide this support with the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society (SAHIVS) and South African Institute of Healthcare Managers (SAIHCM).