About FPD

What we do

FPD prides itself on being one of the few private higher educational institutions that fully engages in the three scholarships of higher education, namely: teaching and learning, research and community engagement. These areas of academic scholarship provide the three focus areas of our work:

Teaching and Learning

FPD provides a comprehensive range of formal qualifications and short courses in management and professional development that are customised to the needs of students in sectors, such as: management, health and education. Educational products are presented through formal qualifications, short courses, in-house courses and conferences and offered through online platforms and models that combine self-study with classroom teaching.


FPD’s research priorities focus on promoting operational research. FPD encourages and uses action research as a methodology for professional development and transformational practice.

Community Engagement/ Capacity Development

FPD does not follow the narrower definition of community engagement that is solely focussed on the role of students in the community. We believe that as an institution that attracts highly skilled social entrepreneurs, we are in a position to effect positive transformation in society. The work we do such as: supporting NGOs, working with the public sector on health systems strengthening, gender-based violence and learnerships speaks to this commitment.

FPD is based on a virtual business model that places a high premium on strategic alliances with national and international partners to increase the scope and reach of our programmes. Such partnerships have been established with a wide range of academic institutions, development agencies, government, technology partners, professional associations and special interest groups.

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