FPD Ships

About Us

The FPD SHIPS Department was established in 2012 to draw from the expertise developed by FPD through the PEPFAR Fellowship Programme in successfully transitioning students from academia to the workplace.

The Department has designed a number of programmes designed to hone the skills of postgraduate students, graduate students as well as school-leavers to enhance their employability through workplace experience opportunities by placing them with FPD, PEPFAR partners and the public and private sector institutions.

Our Goal

To promote the advancement of human capacity development and provide adequate technical assistance to the different sectors throughout South Africa.


  • To equip students and graduates with the scarce skills that they need.
  • Placing students and graduates with host organisations to gain practical experience while building the capacity of our country.
  • Provide the placed student or graduate with all the necessary support they need to succeed.
  • Final Result : A well equipped academic with the technical experience to grow further and effectively develop their future

Current Projects


    • Pharmacy Assistant


    • HWSETA University Graduate Internship;
    • HWSETA FET/TVET Graduate Internship;
    • PEPFAR T.A Information Technology Internship; and
    • Information Technology in partnership with CiTD in retail Vodacom and Telkom mobile stores nationwide.


    • PEPFAR Fellowship and CEE 360: Culture, Education & Experience– Overseas exchange programme (formerly known as Global Health for Social Change)

    Highlights of 2015

    The PEPFAR Fellowship Programme that was started in 2006 places newly qualified Masters degree graduates in an AIDS service environment. As of November 2015, the programme had placed 246 Fellows.


  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Medical Male Circumcision
  • Care and Support
  • Nation Health Insurance and Health System Support

The SHIPS Department also rolled out two Internship Programmes funded by the Health and Welfare SETA. The objective of these programmes is to assist students to gain valuable work experience that is needed to complete their qualification and also to improve their chances of employment. In 2015 the placements for these two programmes were as follows:

  • University Graduate Internship – 210 interns placed
  • FET/TVET Graduate Internship – 91 interns placed 

    Fellows Certificate Ceremony 2015

    These two programmes aim to bridge the theoretical and practical aspects of newly qualified graduates. Thus making the transition from classroom to workplace easier through supervised work environment exposure. These two programmes cater for candidates who have completed either a University degree or a registered FET/TVET qualification. The candidates also have to fall within the youth bracket.

    SHIPS also managed to upscale CiTD’s Internship Programme that was piloted in 2013. Initially the programme hosted 5 students, one year later, the programme hosted 26 IT students. The students do an intensive 1 week Induction programme with FPD then another 2 weeks in the stores before they start working.

    The Pharmacy Assistant Learnership Programme was established in 2009, to date this programme has supported 1139 learners. Currently the post-learnership employment rate is at 95% for the Pharmacy Assistant programme, with demand for qualified students at Post- Basic level exceeding the number of trained students.