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Facilitator Train-The-Trainers Short Course - Contact Tuition

Interests: Facilitator


This course is designed to update participant’s facilitation skills. During the three-day workshop the facilitators will model effective participatory training skills. The participants meet 8 hours a day including time for technical presentations, group discussion, and hands-on participation in small-group and individual activities, role-plays and case studies. The participants will be assessed on training skills using a checklist and will be provided with feedback. At the end of the course the each participant will have produced a specific training skills development plan.



Course Sponsors

To apply for sponsorship for this course, kindly contact the listed course administrator.

Who Should Enrol

All potential facilitators.

Course Design

The programme will be combination of the following learning interventions:

  • Self-study (prior to attending the workshop) (Part 1). The study material should be comprehensive enough to be utilized as self-study
  • A facilitated workshop (Part 2)

Course Objectives

To enable clinical and management subject experts to transfer their knowledge and skills through effective and efficient training practices to adult learners within the higher education framework.

Course Content

The study material will cover the following proposed modules:

  • Adult Learning Principles (The positive learning climate)
  • Curriculum
  • Study Material and Study Guides
  • Modes of instruction
  • Presentation Skills
  • Visual Aids
  • Interactive Facilitation skills
  • Assessment
  • Educational Strategies


The Foundation for Professional Development will award the participants with a Certificate of completion once participants have attended the workshop for this short course, completed the assessment and attained the required pass mark.

Course Fees

For more information on course fees and to register, please contact Ilana van der Merwe

Contact Details

Ilana van der Merwe

Tel: 012 816 9099
Fax: 012 807 7165
E-mail: ilanavdm@foundation.co.za


Address: PO Box 75324, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040
Website: www.foundation.co.za