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Student Statistics

In 2015, FPD enrolled 44 390 students bringing the total number of students who have studied with FPD to 337 226

Since its inception, the Academic Cluster has successfully overcome barriers that prevent students from obtaining opportunities to further their studies. These include: sourcing valuable scholarships for disadvantaged groups, taking programmes to various towns and districts where the need is across Africa and offering blended learning approaches that limits time away from work. **Content to be provided by FPD**


FPD employs a model of using a contracted faculty panel, which ensures access to the best faculty in the field. Most of the FPD Head of Departments also act as faculty. The following graphs provide an overview of the qualifications and expertise of FPD staff who taught on programmes in 2015.

Qualifications Faculty:

Facts and Figures

This section provides an overview in graphic form of the demographics of students who were enrolled on FPD courses in 2015.