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Community Based Counselling and Testing Department

CBCT implements community-based HIV prevention, counselling and testing programmes for reduced HIV incidence in high incidence communities in South Africa. The CBCT project under the KFW funding is a consortium of five partners with three implementing partners, namely KI, HPPSA and FPD) the other two partners namely SEAD and CCI provide technical assistance on quality assurance and BCC respectively. The CBCT department also implements HIV testing services targeting adolescent girls and young women in Tswane and Bojanala through funding from SCI. Lastly, through funding from USAID CBCT manages two sub-grantees (HPPSA and SFH) on the Communities Forward grant, to implement community based testing in six provinces covering 13 priority districts.

Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) and National Department of Health (NDoH) Through funding from a German development bank, KFW, the National Department of Health is funding FPD to implement community based HIV counselling and testing (Services Contract to Provide HIV Counselling and Testing services in Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga Provinces- KFW HIV Prevention- Component HCT 2010 65 994/2012). The verarching goal of the project is to implement high yield, community-based HIV counselling and testing (CB-HCT) services with an aim to identify PLHIV and to effectively link them into HIV and TB care and treatment programmes, and identify HIV negative individuals at risk of HIV infection and to effectively link them into evidence-based HIV prevention programmes. The project is implemented in two provinces covering five districts namely Nkangala (Mpumalanga), OR Tambo, Nelson Mandela, Chris Hani and Sara Baartman (Eastern Cape). The project strategy is implemented by FPD and well-established, local South African Organisations with strong local track record, best practice models for CBHCT, and significant existing capacity at district level to rapidly scale and implement high-volume, high quality CB-HCT services (Humana People to People South Africa (HPPSA), Keth`Impilo (KI), SEAD and CCI). Also, 21 local grassroots NGOs/CBOs/FBOs have been identified and selected for small grant contracts to implement CB-HCT services and they received a full package of organisation development support services using a “twinning approach”. The organisations are contracted to increase reach to hard-to-reach areas. Basic Package of HCT services offered includes; pre-test counselling; TB, STI & NCD symptom screening & referral; male & female condom distribution; HTS as per algorithm; posttest counselling & risk reduction; referral; linkage planning and support.

In collaboration with SAG stakeholders and as part of the referral SOPs and protocols, CBCT partners have developed and implemented a multitiered approach to facilitate and document success linkage and to verify service uptake. A major focus of the post-test counselling process is to underline the importance of timely linkage to HIV and TB prevention, care and treatment services, as well as to solicit consent for client follow up and tracing. This project will end on 30 September 2019.

2019 Conference Abstracts

South African Tuberculosis Conference, July 2018

Rates of and factors associated with Tuberculosis (TB) knowledge and testing among young men and women in two provinces in South Africa. Simukai Shamu

South African AIDS Conference: Durban 11-14 June 2019

Oral Presentations

Improving the capabilities of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to increase HIV Testing Services (HTS) in Nkangala District, South Africa – Selaelo Mabela

Implementation of rapid test continuous quality improvement in community-based counselling and testing in poorly resourced communities of the Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga provinces, South Africa – Thulani Makhathini

Predictors of HIV testing among youth in two districts in South Africa: Results from a community-based household survey – Sikhulile Khupakonke

Poster Presentations

Accuracy of HIV Rapid Testing: Results from quality assessments conducted in a Community Based HIV Testing program in high priority areas in South Africa – Sikhulile Khupakonke

Knowledge, attitudes and practices of young people towards HIV prevention and testing: Results from a cluster-based cross-sectional study in two high HIV burden districts, South Africa – Simukai Shamu

Innovative methods to successfully upscale Community Based screening and testing of Non-Communicable Diseases in South Africa – Corine Slabbert

Gender differences and factors associated with Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) knowledge, attitudes and uptake interest among adolescents in two high HIV burden districts in South Africa – Simukai Shamu

Patient tracing for linkage to HIV care and Treatment in a Community Based HIV Counselling Testing program in five districts, South Africa – Geoffrey Guloba

Tailored interventions for a Community Based HIV testing setting to ensure high quality services in six HIV burdened sub-districts in South Africa – Corine Slabbert

Successes in linkage to care of HIV positive clients: Lessons from a community-based HIV collaborative programme – Simukai Shamu

Empowering CBOs to conduct Home-Based HIV Testing Services in the Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga districts in South Africa – Monwabisi Mgulwa

Public Health Association of South Africa (PHASA): Cape Town 16-18 September 2019

Oral Presentations

The development, use and outcomes of HIV hotspot spatial maps in a large community-based HIV counselling and testing (CBCT) programme in five districts, South Africa – Wentzel Kruger

Communication preferences for HIV information among young people in two provinces in South Africa: A multi-stage cluster-based cross-sectional survey – Sikhulile Khupakonke

Poster Presentations

Factors associated with HIV testing among young men aged 18-24 years in Nkangala and OR Tambo districts, South Africa – Simukai Shamu

The development of the Counsellor Toolkit: a tool for guidance during HTS Counselling Sessions in a Community Based Counselling and Testing program – Sikhulile Khupakonke & Corine Slabbert