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Scientific Peer Review Short Course - E-learning



Although there is scientific peer review information freely available on the internet, this short course will help participants to navigate the processes in reviewing scientific papers. This short course has several short quizzes to test newly acquired information and skills; opportunities to review two manuscripts, once with guiding questions and once without any guidance; a chance to see what others have commented on in reviews and finally a personal reflection on future training needs as a peer reviewer. Key resources are also provided as participants start their scholarly pursuit as a peer reviewer.

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Partner Organisation

This short course has been developed in partnership with Sub-Saharan Africa-FAIMER Regional Institute (SAFRI). An institution with a 10 year track record of developing educational leaders in Africa.

Who Should Enrol

Participants in possession of a degree or advanced diploma who wish to become a peer reviewer or those wish to further develop their reviewing skills.

Course Design

This is an online course. Participants have 3 months to complete the assessment process from date of registration.

Course Content

Participants will be guided through this course by working through the information provided and the links to videos and other learning resources. Participants will also be provided with the necessary resources to assist their learning and deepen their understanding.


FPD will award successful participants with a certificate of completion should they successfully complete the assessment process.

Your CPD certificate will be generated to your online CPD Manager, upon completion.


Accredited according to HCPSA's Medical and Dental Board Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals for 30 Ethical CEU's on Level 2.