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HIV Wellness Short Course - Contact Tuition



The availability of antiviral therapy (ARV therapy) means that most people who are HIV positive should not become too ill to work. However, if HIV does become symptomatic (i.e. the person starts experiencing related infections) it may be helpful to disclose HIV status as the person may require time off work due to illness or may require certain adjustments to be made to their job role, hours of work, etc. in order to allow them to continue working.

From an employer’s perspective, the most important thing is to ensure that a person with HIV is not discriminated against in the workplace. People living with HIV are legally protected from discrimination in the workplace and during recruitment.

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Who Should Enrol

Healthcare professionals, human resource and other managerial staff responsible for the planning, management, implementation and evaluation of HIV/AIDS (wellness programmes) and occupational health programmes in the workplace.

Course Design

This course is a classroom course and participants will receive a comprehensive and user-friendly study guide developed by experts in the field covering all the modules. No other textbooks will be required.

Course Content

  • Policy Principles
  • Legal framework
  • Promoting a non-discriminatory work environment
  • HIV testing, confidentiality and disclosure
  • Promoting a safe workplace
  • Compensation for occupationally acquired HIV
  • Employee benefits
  • Dismissal
  • Grievance procedures
  • Management of HIV in the workplace
  • Assessing the impact of HIV/Aids on the workplace
  • Measure to deal with HIV/Aids within the workplace
  • Information and education


Participants are assessed through means of a multiple-choice questionnaire.


After successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance by the Foundation for Professional Development.