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The Foundation for Professional Development (FPD), as part of the country-wide response to COVID-19, has put together some relevant articles, Online Short Courses & information, flyers for general practitioners for their practices and presentation Videos on COVID-19.

The FPD hopes that you find this information sharing useful and that it will augment your current knowledge regarding the Corona virus. Look out for more snippets of information on this page in the near future and consider enrolling in our customized e-learning training courses on the Corona-virus pandemic.

COVID-19 Courses

7 Day Mental Kit for Surviving Lockdown

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COVID-19 - Preparedness for Veterinary Practices Short Course

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Mental Health Resilience

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COVID-19: Retaining in hospital care skills

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Optimizing outpatient management of patients with COVID-19

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South Africa’s COVID-19 preparedness and response activities
Dr. McCarthy (NICD)

Clinical Management of COVID-19
Prof. Andreas Engelbrecht (UP)

NIOH COVID-19 Training
Donning and Doffing PPE

COVID-19: how it spreads and how to best avoid contracting the disease
Prof. Anton Stoltz (UP)