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FPD Group Awards

Award for Excellence In Teaching

FPD’s Award for Excellence in Teaching is awarded annually to FPD faculty who have taught at least five times during the year. The award is based on the combined ratings given to the faculty member by the students who attended their classes. Faculty are evaluated against a number of criteria and receive a rating out of five.

FPD has primary, secondary and tertiary faculty on each programmeand they have a specific percentage that the faculty member are allowed to teach. Another criteria for this award was that had to have taught more than five times on a specific programme during the course of the year.

Patricia Maswanganyi

Patricia taught on various education short courses and achieved an overall average rating of 4.95 out of five.

Anton la Grange

Anton taught on various clinical short courses which included FPD’s range of Counselling courses. He achieved an overall average rating of 4.87 out of five.

Liz Wolvaardt

Liz facilitated on various management courses during 2018 and her overall average rating was 4.97 out of five.

FPD Emerging Researcher Award

As an academic institution, FPD is committed to contributing to new knowledge through research.

Dawie Olivier and Lidsey se Vos

During 2018, Mr Dawie Olivier and Ms Lindsey de Vos shared the FPD emerging researcher award. Both were involved in seven research studies with output ranging from poster or oral presentations at conferences to peer reviewed publications. The FPD Award for Emerging Researchers is awarded based on an external evaluation by leading South Africa scientists.

Award for Excellence In Community Engagement

The FPD Award for Excellence in Community Engagement is awarded annually to the staff member who has made the most significant contribution towards FPD’s community engagement. Candidates are nominated by the staff and the winner is identified through staff voting from a list of nominees.

Barend Botha

Barend was the technical lead on conceptualising the stock logistics and control component of the GPCC. He worked tirelessly to co-design a stock logistics and control model that complies with Auditor General (AG) and Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) and government stock control requirements, allows for 100% visibility of stock and ensures compliance with Good Pharmacy Practice. It is due to Barend’s innovation, commitment to quality and service to society that we finally received permission to access and use State-funded medicines and lab services. The GPCC has shown that private GPs can play an important role in the national HIV response. Barend has been a trail-blazer in designing the processes and controls whereby the State can make available State-funded medicines under the future National Health Insurance.

Values Award

The FPD Values Award is presented annually to the employee who, in the opinion of their peers, is the embodiment of FPD’s values. Candidates are nominated by the staff and the winner is identified through staff voting from a list of nominees.

Victor Marumo

Victor has been FPD’s gardener for the past four years and is always friendly and greets everybody that goes past him. He respects his job, he always goes out of his way to help others, he is kind, he is always willing to help, whether a task is big or small and he is consistent in the way that he functions and always delivers high quality work. He has a lot of Ubuntu in him.

Innovation Award

FPD group companies, departments, teams and individuals are invited to submit nominations for innovative projects or products implemented within the FPD group over the past year.

Annatjie Peters

Annatjie has shown real passion for making FPD a pleasant work environment, conducive to productivity, good health and mutual understanding. Moreover, Annatjie has shown a knack for understanding the need for marketing from the point of view of our customers, proposing major changes to make our website user-friendly and the idea of unique websites for different schools to appeal to their market profiles. Out of five ideas she has proposed, four were approved, while the fifth reignited resumption of an existing practice.