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Health Science academy (HSA)

Health Science Academy (HSA) is a small to medium sized private Further Education and Training (FET) institution focusing on training and education in the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare sector. HSA students include doctors, nurses, pharmacist's assistants and pharmacists. The pharmacy workforce is a critical part of any health system, and planning the South African pharmacy workforce is important if high quality pharmaceutical services are to be delivered to the whole population. This includes the production of pharmacists and pharmacy support workers, and the optimal use of existing pharmacy personnel. It is estimated that there are 13 550 pharmacists in South Africa and an additional 607 who are presently serving their community service year. All areas of pharmacy practice in the country report shortages: community, hospital, industry, and academia, with vacancy rates for pharmacists of up to 76% reported in the public sector in one province.

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Brighter Futures

We at Brighter Futures Tuition believe all children deserve a bright future. Unfortunately many families cannot afford good quality education. 87% of South Africa's schools are considered "dysfunctional" (NPC - Manuel). This causes anomalies where on the one hand, South Africa has a chronic shortage of skills such as engineers and technicians. Yet on the other hand, we have a ~25-30% unemployment rate, 70% of whom are youth.Our poor schooling is confirmed through international tests such as the 2006 Trends in International Maths and Science Study (TIMSS), which placed South Africa last on the list of 50 countries, including many low income African countries such as Ghana.

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Professional Provider Organisation Services

PPO Serve or Professional Provider Organisation Services is a shared services hub for clinicians. Our goal is to create transformed healthcare systems for people through helping the establishment of Integrated Clinical Consortia™. We support clinicians in creating, implementing and managing Integrated Clinical Consortia™. We do this through a complete support infrastructure including a tailor-made toolkit and Intelligent Care System.

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Maurice Kerrigan Africa (Pty)Ltd

We provide unique and practical learning and development solutions tailored to their clients strategy, operational systems and supportive technologies. As opposed to the more traditional and fragmented approach, our proven, strategically integrated and measurable learning processes, build greater sustainable competitive advantage by meeting modern Human Capital Management challenges.

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Skills Panda

Skills Panda is an all-encompassing skills training company that embraces technology to unlock the true potential in the people we train and the corporate organisations we service. We are a black youth owned enterprise that is led by dynamic leaders who have massive experience over the years, in training, BBBEE consultation and human resource management. Through Skills Panda’s hub of affliations and partnerships, we offer accredited short courses and learnerships across a wide spectrum of qualifcations that are B-BBEE aligned to ensure maximum benefit on client’s Skills Development scorecard.

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FPD also manages the follwing NPC's

Foundation for Professional Development Fund

(Reg. No. 2004/002765/08)

Dira Sengwe Conferences

(Reg. No. 2003/002398/08)

South African Institute of Health Care Managers (SAIHCM)

(Reg. No. 2004/004290/08)