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Taking Charge Over Your Healthy Lifestyle

Published 12 July 2016

Are you the kind of person who always makes fitness goals at the beginning the year but never follow through with your plan? Then this article is for you. On 24 February, Dr Grace Makgoka arranged a healthy lifestyle 101 training for FPD Head Office employees. She organised guest speakers from gym instructors, to a nutritionist, to FPD nurses and even people to share testimonies about the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.

The overall aim of the training was to encourage and equip staff members to be able to manage and sustain their fitness resolutions. Furthermore, to raise awareness about diseases that can affect people’s health. “Oftentimes people set goals and make resolutions without having a plan of how they will attain that goal and that is when goals become impossible to achieve. For instance, you would find that in 2016 a person’s resolution is to achieve a goal of 2015 which was supposed to be achieved in 2014. This makes that it even more difficult to attain the goal because it has been carried over for so many times,” said Dr Grace Makgoka.

“Our aim is to pass the message that there is no point in setting goals every year and fail to meet them because you don’t have a clear plan of how you are going to reach your goals. We also want to assist you to learn to implement a plan that is going to change your life for good.”

We all know that leading a healthy lifestyle is beneficial but have you considered that a healthy lifestyle allows you to own your life which means that you can be able to manage and change it; it helps you to understand and know yourself better so that you can control what goes in and out of your body. Mr Sithembiso Mnisi, the nutritionist also emphasised on the point of understanding your body’s needs so that you can have a balanced BMI. Healthy living also prevents fatal diseases such as hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol and even coronary heart disease. So do right by your body and avoid surprises.

Dr Grace continued to advice that our society must normalise healthy living and working out, these should not be considered as a burden or a taboo. We should kill the stereotypes that a healthy lifestyle is only meant for the selected few.

In closing Tshegofatso Molise shares her heathy living sentiment with us; “Do not wait until the point of no return, to the moment were your body is disappointing. Keep yourself in check, the moment you start talking about it is the moment you should start doing it. It took me over a year to finally act so it is never too late.