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Providing a Good Environment and Opportunity for Growth in Return for Hard Work

Published 1 July 2016

Opportunities for growth and development help employees to expand their knowledge, skills and abilities, and to apply the competencies they have gained to new situations. The opportunity to gain new skills and expectations can increase employee motivation and job satisfaction, and help workers to manage job stress effectively.

Improved Distance Management – Ways to Engage and Manage Remote Team Members

Published 19 June 2016

FPD has formulated guidelines which ensure that we properly manage and engage with all our Community Based Counselling and Testing (CBCT) teams regularly. Here is an outline of the guidelines;

FPD Employees Receive Off-road Driving Training

Published 1 May 2016

On 31st of October 2015, selected FPD staff members participated in a 4x4 training provided by Bonsai Technologies facilitated by Johan Du Plooy at Henopspride Caravan Park in Centurion, Pretoria.

Invest in Productivity

Published 16 April 2016

Unproductive employees can drastically affect your whole office’s productivity, efficiency, morale, and profitability. Even just a few bad apples can have an effect. Unproductive employees don’t get things done, frustrate the rest of the team that has to pull more weight, and can rub off on your other workers. If an unproductive team member is getting away with being lazy, others might start to do the same. So, as you can see, it’s definitely important to be able to identify unproductive employees so you can eradicate the problem before it creates an even more devastating effect on your company. Here are five ways to recognize unproductive staff members, so you can deal with them accordingly.


Published 28 March 2016

The young MWASA gives an opportunity for the younger members of the profession to meet and discuss issues relevant to their stage in the careers. This group includes Female Medical Students from 5th year of study to internship.

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