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Our Services

FPD Conferences and Special Events utilises state of the art delegate administration software which enables FPD to offer the full range of electronic delegate management services to our clients. Our software products provide a new level of flexibility to our clients and demonstrates a greater degree of streamlining and cost effectiveness with the opportunity for delegates to completely register themselves on-line including the option of returning and editing their registration data in a fully secure environment.

At an operational level FPD provides the following services:

  • Delegate Registration Management
  • Financial Management
  • Venue management
  • Supplier management (Audiovisual, banqueting etc)
  • Abstract management
  • Scholarship management
  • Document production - call for abstracts, programme, posters etc
  • Media coordination and press centre management
  • Exhibition and Sponsorship Management
  • Project Management
  • Abstract and Programme Management
  • Speaker managementt
  • Exhibitor management
  • IT and conference website design
  • Medical services
  • Safety and security services
  • Creative Conceptualisation and Development
  • Accommodation, travel and tours

Our convention planning and co-ordination services include, but are not restricted to the following:

  • Attend/receive client briefing and profiling the event
  • Preparing a quotation and service agreement
  • Develop creative concept
  • Draft expense and revenue budget, determine break event and minimum registration numbers
  • Set revenue targets
  • Prepare programme outline
  • Conference theme and sub-themes to be developed by client
  • Receive abbreviated CVs
  • Draft detailed order of proceedings
  • Receive presentations
  • Determine/anticipate service requirements
  • Develop and management of the project document with critical paths/milestones
  • Develop HR and reporting structure
  • Develop the programme together with the client
  • Set final programme
  • Presenter Liaison (presenters selected and content brief by client)

Auxiliary service provider adjudication, contracting and briefing:

(Cost of these outsourced services is excluded from the management fee and is carried on the conference budget from payment by client to subcontractor(s) directly)

  • Venue (including site visit with client)
  • Room allocation (plenary, parallel/breakaway, exhibition, lunch, cocktail, registration area, organizers office, presenter preparatory/lounge, etc.)
  • Banqueting (menu setting for meals, beverages and bar limits and special dietary requirements)
  • Disability access
  • Function sheets
  • Equipment for MS PowerPoint displays (laptop with software linked to data projectors and sound system)
  • Medical Services
  • Set-up requirements
  • Directional signage
  • Billing/signing authority
  • Audiovisual
  • Data projectors and screens
  • Sound (mixers, amplifiers, microphones and speakers)

Information Technology

  • Conference website/web page development
  • On-line presenter paper submission
  • Bulk e-mails
  • Production of CD-Rom report with presentations
  • On-line registration form
  • Computers (on-site registration)
  • Computers for on-site registrations

Graphic Designers

  • Conference/corporate identity for printing and electronic use
  • Conference programme book
  • Master slide
  • Conference logo
  • ID tags
  • Proof reading of documents


  • First and Second announcements
  • Banners
  • Delegate lists
  • ID Pockets and Lanyards (colour coded to registration category)
  • ID tags
  • Directional signage
  • Conference assessment forms


  • Special event security personnel for access control and disaster management
  • Static security (overnight) for exhibition and equipment


  • Delegate bags/folders
  • Delegate handouts
  • ID Pockets and lanyards
  • Presenter gifts
  • Trophies/plaques

Destination Management

  • Accommodation - negotiations for room rates and complimentary rooms at net rates
  • Flight reservations (appointment of travel agent)


FPD has the ability and experience or organize and manage exhibitions at conferences. To develop floor plans (to scale), draft exhibitors briefing documentation and co-ordinate exhibition set-up. For larger exhibitions, 50+ stands, FPD works closely with a dedicated exhibition management company to ensure the success of this activity.


Entertainment can be arranged for the opening of the conference and for special functions. FPD to liaise with agent/provider on client requirements.

Marketing and Communication

  • Co-ordination with public relations company to develop marketing and communication strategies, the rollout of these strategies and actions
  • Media co-ordination
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • On-line registration form

On-Site Personnel

On-site registration officers. One manager is required and one registration officer per 50 delegates minimum for rapid on-site registration / accreditation processing (if registration/ accreditation is done an hour before event commencement).

On days where on-site Registration/accreditation is not required, one person per 100 delegates will remain to serve as hostess/es.

Auditing of Bank Account

FPD can open a dedicated bank account for all deposits and conference expenses. We can process credit card transactions and produce statements as required. This account will be audited by an independent auditing firm on closure of the event.

Participant of Management

  • Setting up of database
  • Design invoice
  • Register delegates according to pre-set criteria
  • Disseminate invoices with payment advice (postage charges for the account of the client)
  • Process credit card payments (at a cost of 5% of the transaction amount for the client's account - fee set by bank)
  • Produce reports
  • Registrations in various categories
  • Debtors and Creditors
  • Print on-site registration envelopes
  • Bulk reminder e-mail to delegates (can advise of latest information, road works etc.)
  • Design registration form
  • Draft confirmation letters
  • Capture demographic information of delegates
  • Produce invoices
  • Reconcile database with payment received in conference bank account
  • Disseminate registration confirmations
  • Full event status
  • Delegate lists
  • Dietary requirements
  • Print duplicate invoices/statements for registration envelopes
  • Final delegate list

Sponsorship Recruitment

FPD can assist with the setting of sponsorship targets and determination of fees and sponsorship benefits. We can also draft the sponsorship prospectus and benefit package. The actual recruitment is usually not done by FPD. We can assist with the appointment of a sponsorship agent should the client not wish to conduct this activity.

Conference Evaluation

Processing conference assessment forms and producing report.

Our scope of services is not limited to the above listing. The conference project will determine the range of service requirements. If additional services are required, we will gladly provide more information.