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Proposal Unit

As part of FPD’s continued ability to identify opportunities, the Proposal Unit serves to identify, co-ordinate and submit tenders and proposals to various agencies, government entities and donors, both local and international. This allows FPD to diversify its sources of revenue and work flow ensuring sustainability and continuous growth.

The Unit provides the following services to FPD:

  • Overall project management of the proposal development process
  • Administrative support during the proposal writing process
  • Reducing the workload of staff by assisting with research, proof reading and editing
  • Providing templates and examples of well-written proposals
  • Submitting the final, professionally-presented proposals on behalf of the proposal development team

Despite a increasingly competitive donor environment, the Proposal Unit has shown a steady increase in income, boasting with an overall increase of 126% in total income received through submitted proposals and tenders from 2017. The 2017-2018 Strategic direction for the Proposal Unit aimed to improve the quality of submissions and the ability to produce high quality proposals, which is shown by the improvement of the Unit’s success rate and the ability to secure more non-USAID funds in comparison to previous years.