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About Us

Enroled Students
(Since 1998)

Free HIV testing in South Africa,
(Since 2004) more than

Total People on
ART (Since 2004)



To build a better society through education and capacity development.

Mission Statement

To catalyse social change through developing people, strengthening systems and providing innovative solutions.

Strategic Direction

FPDs strategic direction aligns with our mission of catalysing social change through developing people, strengthening systems and providing innovative solutions. FPD as a cause-driven organisation has been built on a model of providing high quality products and services at low or no cost to the end user through accessing donor funding and sponsorship to subsidise the cost of services and products. Over the past few years, this model has been placed under pressure, due to factors such as weak local economic growth and a changing perception around the merit of providing South Africa with donor support. To compensate for this changing business environment FPD’s growth strategy in recent years has been focused on increasing its commercial income through: diversifying and increasing its range of products, strategic shareholding in subsidiaries and forming strategic partnerships to compete for donor funded projects inside and outside South Africa.

Based on this focus, FPD has increased both its products, services portfolio and group structure. This approach plays to FPD strengths in social entrepreneurship and innovation that has driven year on year growth over a 20 year period irrespective of local and international business cycles.

The 2018 strategic approach is therefore designed to leverage innovation in support of growth. FPD will continue to expand its activities through accessing philanthropic funding and leveraging commercial income. The 2018 strategy focuses on:

  • Promoting sustainability and growth by requiring all departments to contribute to the sustainability of the organisation through commercialisation of products and services.
  • Ensuring product leadership through rapidly developing and bringing to market new products and services that are responsive to the needs of the market by embracing a user centric design approach.
  • Increasing FPD’s role as a thought leader through involvement in policy formulation and research.
  • Strengthening FPD’s focus on its signature initiatives in HIV/AIDS and GBV, and
  • Expanding FPD’s systems strengthening role.