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About Us

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To build a better society through education and capacity development.

Mission Statement

To catalyse social change through developing people, strengthening systems and providing innovative solutions.

Strategic Direction

FPD has always focused mainly on providing training to the South African private healthcare market, and with services being aimed predominantly at the postgraduate market. Over the years, by adopting an entrepreneurial approach, FPD has rapidly expanded its scope of work and the geographical location of its activities to include a regional focus. The underlying growth strategy in recent years has been a focus on penetrating new markets through: a) diversifying and increasing its range of products, b) strategic shareholding in subsidiaries and c) forming strategic partnerships to compete for donor funded projects inside and outside of South Africa. Based on this focus, FPD has increased both its products, services portfolio and group structure.

In 2017, the key to FPD's long term sustainability approach is appreciating that the traditional market that FPD has flourished in is dramatically changing. Donor funding is decreasing, low economic growth has become endemic, and e-learning is allowing international entrants to bypass local protectionist policies that has protected local higher education institutions while increasing regulation of the private healthcare industry. This puts pressure on marketing budgets, corporate philanthropy and discretionary spending on training.

FPD has been founded on a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. This has allowed FPD to grow year on year for the last 20 years irrespective of local and international business cycles. Over the last few years the innovation focus has predominantly shifted to subsidiaries and affiliates where it has translated into impressive growth.

The 2017 strategy is designed to rekindle the focus on innovation and aggressive growth in FPD. The 2017 strategic direction therefore focuses on:

Sustainability , Growth and Business Development

All departments within FPD contributing to the sustainability of the organisation through commercialisation of their products and services. This includes, and is not limited to, restructuring of certain departments; expansion of certain services and aggressive marketing of both products and services within the FPD group.

Product Development

Identifying opportunities that will drive growth in the educational and conference project range and increase our on-line educational product offering, including expansion into digital collaborative communities.


Increase FPD’s role in policy formulation and advocacy as well as research funding and capacity to ensure that research activities are prioritised.


To support the 2017 strategic plan, Operations will ensure an environment that is conducive to supporting the strategy by continuing to position FPD as a viable, fully fledged, Private Higher Education Institution (PHEI) and ensuring accreditation under new criteria that will allow the use of “university” in FPD's name; continuing with efforts to ensure that FPD is a “best place to work” through populating FPD In-House Learning Academy, entrenching values, improved orientation, career development and mentoring as well as containing costs and ensuring the optimal use of finances.