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Payroll Support

Operational costs in an organisation accounts for a substantial part of organisational expenditure. Attributing to this is the cost of a complete HR and Payroll system which is a time-consuming necessity for any organisation. FPD offers a one-stop solution to all payroll needs.

With an excess of 23 years’ experience, equipped with payroll, the FPD payroll department will meet all your payroll needs ensuring that each employee is paid correctly, on time, every time. The payroll employees attend refresher/training courses throughout the year on subjects relating to their knowledge and skills. These courses cover Essentials of Payroll Taxes, Annual IRP5 Submission changes including all changes and updates made by The South African Revenue Service (SARS) and Basics in Labour Law.

Our payroll is a web-based application, boasting with an array of functionalities and remains current, regardless of legislation changes or organisational changes.

FPD has been managing their own payroll system since 2000 and has grown enormously in in the last 19 years. FPD is currently processing 8 external company’s payroll systems as well as our own. We are currently administering +/- 890 employees through payroll.

FPD and our payroll system are equipped with airtight security measures to ensure the confidentiality of staff and salary information. FPD also has multiple backup systems in place, mitigating any risk of data and information loss due to external factors.

Payroll services provided to: