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Who We Are

Since its inception in 1997, FPD has been on a journey that would see the institution growing rapidly to where we currently boast having trained in excess of 337 228 students in 16 countries across Africa. We manage and maintain a strict balance between the interrelated nature of teaching, research and community engagement and, therefore we pride ourselves on being a Private Higher Education Institution (PHEI) that fully engages in all these three areas. Whilst we are a self-funded organisation, we also engage with donors to provide students with scholarships for training in scarce skills and high priority areas.

We don`t just offer our students the opportunity of receiving excellent training, but through our community development initiatives, provide them with the assurance that part of their hard earned money goes towards building a better Africa

Because we anticipate the needs of our students, we have attempted to reduce some of their barriers to training, by developing training programmes that are:


FPD offers training as close to where participants live and work as possible or through utilising a distance learning approach.


FPD provides scholarships to the value of R77 million per annum on selected programmes


FPD's portfolio of courses are demand driven and have evolved to meet the needs faced by healthcare professionals, educators and managers working in a rapidly changing environment.


FPD faculties are drawn from leading national and international experts in the different fields.

Our Schools

The FPD Business School has a wide selection of management and business courses comprising of formal registered qualifications, international short courses, short learning programmes and distance educations.

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The portfolio of Health Sciences courses is specifically designed to enhance the clinical skills of healthcare professionals and are taught through as workshop based, distance or on-line learning.

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These courses are designed to enhance the management and leadership skills of district officials, school managers and educators, and they are taught through a combination of assessed self-study, using detailed study manuals and facilitated workshops. Section

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