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Compass Projects

About Us

Within the Strategic Information Department, is the Compass Project, a mapping and data dissemination project that aims to:

Equip Southern Africans with the necessary tools to access healthcare services easily;

Help organisations and decision-makers better understand the needs of the communities that they serve; and

Provide innovative, unique, needs-driven strategic mapping solutions where necessary.


The Compass Project was launched to ascertain the following in order to effectively address HIV needs in South Africa:

Mapping of healthcare provision across SADC region and directory production

Development of innovative technological solutions to mapping across SADC

The epidemiological situation of HIV and AIDS in municipalities and communities at this time

The service needs of the HIV and AIDS community

Key Activities

Mapping (both physical and desktop based)

Demographic research and report compilation

Medical directory production

Knowledge sharing

Services (current)

Mapping and Demographic Research

Organisational Development and Capacity Building (will stand alone: need to develop more robust description)

Reports and Publications


Epidemiological Calculator

NGO Scorecard(tie in to OD and Capacity Building work)

Partners and Donors