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Short Course in Financial Management - Contact Tuition

Interests: Finance / Management


Financial management is a vital part of managing operations. In order to ensure smooth running of programmes and maintain transparency as well as the sustainability of an organization, good financial management is necessary. However, project officers and managers are often not qualified accountants or experts in finance.

This workshop will explore the challenges of financial management, and help gain a basic understanding of the concepts and processes needed to strengthen an organization’s functioning.

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Who Should Enrol

These workshops are aimed at individuals working in the educational sector to introduce dialogue around key skills development areas.

Course Content

This is a one day workshop based on a participatory learning method designed to introduce attendees to the subject matter and offer practical solutions to common management problems in an NGO setting.

After attending the workshop the learner will be able to:

  • Understand basic financial concepts and procedures
  • Understand financial management and common challenges faced by organizations
  • Tips for drawing up and managing budgets
  • Identify common internal control mechanisms
  • Working effectively as a team member to ensure good financial management
  • Understanding the legal responsibilities of NGO’s regarding financial auditing and reporting
  • Ensuring monitoring, reporting and accountability
  • Understanding challenges to financial sustainability and identifying best practices


There will be no assessment.


To qualify for the certificate of attendance for this workshop, participants should fully attend the workshop.