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Short Course in the Introduction of TB for Supporters, Lay counsellors and Care Givers - Contact Tuition

Interests: TB / Lay Counsellors


The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared TB a “GLOBAL EMERGENCY” in 1993 and stated that “TB humanity greatest killer” because TB like more adults each year than any other infectious disease, including malaria and all tropical diseases. A third of the world population are infected by Myco-bacterium tuberculoses bacilli, the infectious cause (germ) of tuberculosis. Approximately eight million new TB cause develop every year, three million people dying every year from TB Tuberculosis has been declared a priority health issue by the Minster of Health.

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Who Should Enrol

Lay-counsellors, community workers, home based caregivers and supporter.

Course Structure

Distance education through a comprehensive self-study guide developed by expects in the field supported by a 2-day interactive contact-session.

Module Outcomes

  • Tuberculosis: A World Emergency.
  • Why we need a Tuberculosis control programme (TBCP) and why integration with the HIV/AIDS operational plan is important.
  • Knowing the Tuberculosis Bacillus.
  • Knowing how Tuberculosis infection develops into a disease.
  • How to diagnose Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
  • Special types of Tuberculosis: MDR, XDR and Extra-Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
  • How to treat Tuberculosis and the DOTS Strategy.
  • How to manage Tuberculosis, HIV and HIV with Tuberculosis.


Participants are assessed on the self-study component of this short course through means of a multiple-choice questionnaire.


To qualify for the certificate of completion participants should attend the workshop and successfully complete the assessment process.


R 1 595.00 (Inclusive of all VAT and Taxes where applicable)