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Short Course in Primary Healthcare Toolkit - Contact Tuition

Interests: Health Care


The Primary Healthcare Toolkit is a resource for healthcare professionals working in the primary healthcare environment. This toolkit will assist healthcare professionals with their daily management and operational activities and building collaborative teams in primary care settings.  This toolkit can help the clinic managers to optimise their role in a multi-disciplinary primary care team as they integrate a primary health-care focus more effectively into their practice. Primary care teams, which include family physicians, registered nurses and other healthcare professionals working side-by-side as partners, produce better health outcomes, improved access to services, more efficient use of resources and greater satisfaction for both patients and providers.

The toolkit is designed to be a comprehensive resource for accessing information and resources on evidence-based care.

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Who Should Enrol

All healthcare professionals working in a primary healthcare setting who need to improve their skills and knowledge on daily management and operational activities.

Course Design

The course consists of two parts:

  • A 3-day interactive workshop based on participatory learning methods suitable for adult learners;
  • A self-study component. The comprehensive self-study manual has been developed by leading experts to support learners.

Course Content

  • The first section of this toolkit focuses on providing the learner with tools and information to develop and improve their management and operational skills in terms of:
    • Time Management
    • Managing Meetings
    • Problem Solving
    • Managing other people
    • Self Management Skills
  • The second section is to provide the facility manager with the required tools to allow the manager to develop and implement the strategic and operational plans for their facility and then have the tools to monitor implementation of this plan.
    • What is our current business?
    • Strategic Planning – Where do we want to go?
    • Operational Planning – How do we get there?
    • M&E Planning – How do I know we have arrived?
  • The purpose of section three is to provide the facility manager with tools for managing their facility on a day by day, month by month and year by year basis using operational management tools.
    • Operational Management
    • Day to Day, month to month and year to year
    • You are not alone
    • Professional Library


Accredited, according to the HPCSA’s Medical and Dental Board Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals for 30 CEUs on level 2.


Participants will receive a certificate of attendance for this short course.


R 5 064.00 per participant (incl. VAT)

A minimum of 30 participants will be required to fill a class.