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Get free HIV testing and HIV treatment at a private GP practice near you

A programme to make it easy to start taking antiretroviral medicines when you discover you have HIV

What is the GP Care Cell?

The GP Care Cell (GPCC) is a model of contracting private GPs to provide HIV services on behalf of the Department of Health. Through the GPCC, we are testing a contracting solution for clinical management, network management, stock logistics and control, financial administration, and M&E and helping contribute to the National Health Insurance (NHI) learning agenda. Through the GPCC, we have demonstrated that when properly organized, supported and overseen, private GPs can play a vital role in the national HIV response, the future National Health Insurance (NHI) and in support of a Universal Health System (UHS).
Currently, through government and donor funding, the GPCC offers free HIV testing services and free HIV treatment for those who test HIV positive.

What is the Your Care Network:

Your Care Network: Your Care, Our Concern

The Your Care Network is the client-facing brand of the GP Care Cell (GPCC). YCN is funded by Anova via the USAID/PEPFAR APACE grant and supports GPCC implementation in Johannesburg Health District and Sedibeng Health District. Currently, we have over 50 GPs and 8 community pharmacies contracted into the programme. To find out more about the services provided and how to access care, and to find a participating doctor, please visit the Your Care Network website at: www.yourcarenetwork.co.za or WhatsApp “Hi” to us anytime on 011-581-5000. To find a doctor https://yourcarenetwork.co.za/

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This programme is designed for:

People who find it difficult to go to public sector clinics for free HIV services

People who don’t know their HIV status and would like to take a free HIV test

People living with HIV who have never been on treatment before

People who do not have medical aid but access health services in the private sector (Note: if you do have medical aid, you can still talk to these GPs, but enrol via your medical aid)

What the programme provides

Free HIV tests (paid for by government)

Free HIV-related blood tests (paid for by government)

Free HIV-related medicines (paid for by government)

Free clinical consultations for the first year of HIV treatment to make sure that the treatment works for you (paid for by PEPFAR)

What happens after the first year of treatment?

If everything is fine after the 1st year, your medicines will be delivered at your closest pick-up-point. You will then only have to visit a doctor twice a year for a checkup. You can either continue coming to this practice and pay for the visit yourself or go to a government clinic for free follow ups.

If you develop complications or resistance, you may need to be referred to your nearest government clinic as the GP may not have access to the medicines needed to treat you in line with guidelines. Your health is our number one priority.

Need to find out more about HIV, antiretroviral treatment and adherence?

Check out this link: www.thefutureisours.co.za

Visit Zenzele, the Future is Ours, to learn more about HIV and ARVs and view other resources to promote adherence to ARV treatment and encourage healthy living.

Where we work – GPs in the network

GPCC is currently active in Gauteng. Dial *134*3041# to find a participating GP near where you live or work.

Are you a General Practitioner (GP) or a community pharmacy interested to learn more about the model and/or in joining the network?

Send us an email at gpcc@pposerve.co.za.

Find out more about the GPCC model at www.pposerve.co.za

Are you an employer or other community stakeholder interested to learn more about the model and/or seeing how to support referral?

Send us an email at gpcc@pposerve.co.za.