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A LearnerSHIP is a route to occupational or professional NQF qualifi cation which is vocational, education and training (VET) with a strong emphasis on both work place experience and a structured learning component.

How to become a Learner

Applicant Requirements:

  • South African Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Must have completed and passed Matric , provide certificate
  • Maths and English would be an advantage
  • Updated CV
  • Copy of certified ID

Knowledge and Skills Required:

The incumbent must be organized, and possess good oral and written communication skills. The incumbent must be comfortable working independently and must be committed to complete the learnership successfully and in record time.

Host a Learnership Opportunity

The FPD LearnerSHIPS Programme is a route to occupational or professional NQF qualification which is vocational, education and training (VET) for Matriculants who through a 12 month employment contract with FPD gain practical experience whilst they acquire this qualification.

FPD will be expanding their Learnership services to all sponsors who want implement a programme that will leave our learners with a ground level professional qualification recognised by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

To promote the advancement of human capacity development and provide adequate technical assistance to the different sectors throughout South Africa.

Learners will receive training in soft skills as well as experience in their learnership field, leaving their learnership with a qualification and experience to aid them in establishing a solid career for themselves.

For more information on work-shopping and implementing a Learnership opportunity for your organisation through FPD, please contact: Tiyani Armstrong on 012 816 9136 or tiyania@foundation.co.za

Available Programmes

  • Pharmacy Assistant Learner - Funded by ABSA
  • Pharmacy Assistant Learner - Funded by HWSETA
  • Pharmacy Assistant Learner - Funded by PEPFAR
  • Social Auxiliary Learner - Funded by PEPFAR/HWSETA
  • Work Experience for the disabled learner - Funded by HWSETA