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Who We Are

The Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) was established in 1997 as a department in the South African Medical Association (SAMA). In 2000, FPD was registered as a separate legal entity (Registration Number: 2000/002641/07). The South African Medical Association, a non-profit company, has a 90% shareholding, while the remainder of the shares are employee-owned.

Governance Structures

Research Ethics Committee

FPD’s REC has been audited and registered by the National Health Research Ethics Council to review research level 1 and 2 research protocols according to the National Health Act (No. 61 of 2003) including research involving minors as prescribed by Section 71(3)(A)(II). The committee meets once a month, and during 2016 (January to October) the committee reviewed and approved 17 research proposals.

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Managing Director